Kingdoms of Amalur is a fantastic fantasy rpg with a combat style similar to the Fable franchise with a whole lot more amount of loot. Just make sure to adjust your camera settings till it feels right as the default camera settings are a little off.

The Races of Amalur

In Kingdoms of Amalur, you can chooes to start as one of four races.

The Almain
"The Almain are a warlike and religious nation of storied origin. Many Almain come to the Faelands seeking freedom, while honoring the traditions of their homeland."

Race Bonus
Almain Blacksmithing +2, Persuasion +1, Alchemy +1

The Varani
"Hardened by the high seas, the Varani are just as frequently pirates and mercenaries as they are shrewd merchants. They favor swords and daggers as seaworthy weapons."

Race Bonus
Varani Mercnatile 1, Detect Hidden +1, Lockpicking +2

The Ljosalfar
"The Ljosalfar are a proud and ancient people from the frozen lands of the north. Ljosalfar judge themselves fit to divine right from wrong under wind, sun, and sky, and mete an even-handed justice."

Race Bonus
Ljosalfar Sagecraft +1, Alchemy +1, Dispelling +2

The Dokkalfar
"Dokkalfar are renowned as sophisticated students of magic and diplomacy. While they do not shy from conflict, they prefer to resolve disputes subtly and with grace, or efficiently, in silence."

Race Bonus
Dokkalfar Persuasion +1, Sagecraft +1, Steatlh +2

The Racial Bonuses

You'll probably be wondering, what exact benefits do you get with these racial bonuses?
Stat Description
Blacksmithing Every level of blacksmithing increases the effectiveenss of Repair Kits. Also with the Almain bonus you will be able to create an item with 3 Components instead of 2 Components, giving the created item a bonus.
Persuasion Increasing persuasion increases your odds of persuasive dialog choices from requesting items to getting out of tough situations with guile alone. With the bonus provided by the Almain and Dokkalfar races your cost to Bribe your way out of crimes is reduced by 20%. And with ever level of persuasion your chances of suceeded in Persuasion Attempts is increased.
Alchemy The Alchemy skill allows you the ability to harvest Reaegnts while at in the world and forming those materials into Potions at an Alchemy Lab. With the benefits of being a Ljosalfar or an Almain you immediately get a bonus to the chance of harvesting ingredients and failed alchemical experiements now result in an Unstable Potion.
Mercantile Straight forward, Mercantile allows you to purchase at lower prices and sell at higher prices. Eventually ou can also recover a portion of the value of an item you junk as gold and at the final level you can even sell goods you steal to any merchant.
Detect Hidden

The Gods You Are Beholden

After selecting your Race you then choose which God or Goddess you worship.

God Patron Bonuses
Ethene- Goddess of Wisdom and Art +10% Mana
Aryllia - Goddess of Love and Beauty +5% Health, +1% Critical Hit Chance
Belen - God of Death +1% Critical Hit Chance, +8% Critical Hit Damage
Lyria - Goddess of Fate, Magic, and Luck +5% Mana, +5% Mana Regen Per Second
Lupoku - God Mischief, Patron of Brewing +6% Poison Damage, +6% Poison Resistacne
Beholden to None +1% Experience Yield

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