Monster Crown is a retro 8 bit inspired monster catching rpg with its own flare and a dark edge. The atomosphere and map is everything we could dream it to be and more. The world feels alive in Monster Crown and its denizens though simple have a spark of personality.

In Monster Crown you will travel across Crown Island, catching Monsters, Breeding your own Beasts, leveling up, and uncovering a nefarious plot.

Your goal on the surface is to become a Tamer in Monster Crown, offering contracts to Wild Monsters to add them to your ever expanding team, finding the ones you love the most and making them as strong as possible.

Similar to other monster catching games, all monsters do fall under a type but its outside the norm. The types are Brute, Vicious, Relentless, and Will with standard type advantages.

A fantastic feature in Monster Crown is that your Leader Monster follows you around outside of battle and they are also able to perform certain Monster Abilities outside of battle as well.

The Controls in Monster Crown are pretty simple once you get used to them.

Similar to other monster catcher games, there are Type Affectiveness in this game as well, with a little twist.

Getting around the world of Monster Crown is a breeze once you unlock the Stork Lifts

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