SCP Secret Laboratory is a fantastic multiplayer horror game focused on either escaping, saving, or killing, depending on your current character roll. If you put yourself in the right setting while player SCP Secret Laboratory you can really have a heart pulsing fun, even once you're a veteran. The only down side of SCP Secret Laboratory is you either have to have someone guide you through the game to start or read yourself up extensively on guides and watch youtube videos but should you decide to reach over that hurdle you will be pleasantly surprised with how fun this game can be.

One of the great things about SCP is that the game happens in a single ( typically ) short round allowing you to get in a match or two just about anytime you have a spare 10 to 15 minutes. Though there is perma death of sorts in SCP Secret Laboratory, you will just respawn as another team type ( or sometimes the same depending on the time of your death ),

The goals of SCP are simple for each team :

SCPs : Kill all players except Chaos Insurgency and don't allow D-Class or Scientists to escape. You can still kill the Chaos Insurgency however it isn't required for a winning scenario. D-Class : Simple. Escape! You can either escape as a cuffed D-Class and add points towards a MTF victory or escape un-cuffed and add points towards a Chaos Insurgency Victory. When you escape you will be respawned as the faction that your escape condition follows. Scientist : You also need to escape. Escaping adds victory poitns to the MTF Factory. Guards : Rescue and protect Scientists and Cuff D-Class ( . . . or kill them if they are uncooperative ) MTF : Go down into the facility, protect Scientists, Cuffed D-Class, and Kill SCPs. Chaos Insurgency : Rescue D-Class and kill everyone else. You don't need to kill SCPs to win.

Game Versions

SCP Secret Laboratory Scopophobia 10.0

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